ND-LEEF Grants

The Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility (ND-LEEF) research grants serve as a mechanism for graduate and postdoctoral students to test novel ideas using the facility. 

We welcome proposals for both aquatic and terrestrial research from graduate students and postdocs that effectively and creatively use the facilities at ND-LEEF. A list and description of the research facilities at ND-LEEF can be found here.

We encourage all new research that expands the use of ND-LEEF, but please note that as part of our cooperative agreement with St. Joseph County Parks (SJCP), invasive species cannot be introduced to ND-LEEF, and experiments must not result in the discharge of any harmful pollutants from the ND-LEEF site.

NEW FOR 2023: This year we are introducing an OPTIONAL $500 supplement that can support undergraduate research; these can fund research that is complementary, yet distinct from, the primary funded research. We expect that the data collected by undergraduate researchers to be valuable to the primary research and vice versa. This funding will not be granted to a specific student; it will be the responsibility of the graduate student/postdoc, and their faculty mentor to coordinate the selection of a qualified undergraduate student. Only currently-enrolled Notre Dame undergraduates are eligible to receive funding through this mechanism.


The following categories are eligible to apply for this program:

  • ND Graduate Students 
  • ND Postdoctoral Researchers


Waived User Fees (up to $7,000 value depending on facilities used) and up to $1000 ($1,500 with supplement) for supplies


The following are allowable budget requests:

  • Personnel: Student or Technician
  • Supplies/Equipment
  • Travel 


The deadline for proposals is 5:00 PM on Friday, March 31, 2023. Please submit proposals to Brett Peters at bpeters2@nd.edu


Projects should start in spring 2023 and no later than September 1, 2023.  We will prioritize strong proposals that show potential to deliver high impact results within the one-year funding period. The funding duration is one year.


 Please describe your proposed research in <3 pages, including a short budget, using the headings and order below:

  1. Title, lead investigator and other investigators (all with departmental affiliation in parentheses)
  2. Goal and/or questions to be addressed
  3. Importance of topic
  4. Approach and methods
  5. A timeline of activities and deliverables
  6. Budget
  7. Optional- Supplemental Undergraduate Research (one page):
    1. Goal and/or questions to be addressed
    2. Approach and methods
    3. Budget


As part of ND-ECI and ND-LEEF’s commitment to outreach, each grant recipient will be expected to participate in Science Sunday and/or other outreach activities as requested. 



For more information on ND-LEEF grants, please contact Brett Peters.