ND-LEEF Grant Previous Awardees


Haley Kodak (BIOS)Estimating ecotypic variation in the foundational plant species, Schoenoplectus amreicanus, for coastal management

Matthew Trentman (BIOS): Partitioning heterotrophic and autotrophic uptake of simple and complex phosphorus in ND-LEEF streams using a shading experiment

Shannon Speir (BIOS)​​​​​​​: Partitioning the uptake of dissolved inorganic nitrogen via assimilatory and dissimilatory processes in streams at ND-LEEF

Justin Greaves (CEEES)​​​​​​​: Transport of the fecal indicator marker crAssphage in flowing water

Junyeol Kim (CEEES): Stream Transport Behavior of Food-Grade Titanium Dioxide and Gold Nanoparticles in a Hydraulically Controlled, Model System

Kevin Roche (CEEES): DNA-labeled microspheres as novel tracers for identifying the physical controls on fine particle transport in streams.


Matthew Trentman (BIOS)​​​​​​​: Measuring uptake of organic and inorganic phosphorus using experimental streams

David Armitage (BIOS)​​​​​​​: A mechanistic investigation of floating aquatic plant community assembly

Whitney Conard and Katherine O'Reily (BIOS): Transfer of Microplastic Debris From Mussels to Prey Fish in the Great Lakes.

Martha Dee (BIOS)​​​​​​​: Floodplain denitrification potential under simulated flood conditions of varying intensity and duration.

Dohyoung Kim and Annette Trierweiler (BIOS): Capturing high resolution changes in stem water storage and growth in a temperate deciduous forest.

Model System. Junyeol Kim (CEEES)​​​​​​​: Stream Transport Behavior of Food-Grade Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles in a Hydraulically Controlled.

Arial Shogren (BIOS)​​​​​​​: Using ND-LEEF to quantify dispersal and transport of GM proteins

Jake Zwart and Henri Chung (BIOS)​​​​​​​: Physical and chemical effects on lake tDOC mineralization and CO2 flux.


Whitney Conard and Katherine O'Reily (BIOS): Investigating Microplastics Transfer Between Great Lakes Aquatic Invaders, Dreissenid Mussels and Round Gobies. 

David Armitage (BIOS): Construction of vernal pools as a resource for eco-evolutionary research at ND-LEEF. 

Matthew Trentman (BIOS)​​​​​​​: Developing methods for partitioning the role of biotic and abiotic phosphorus cycling in streams. 

Salvatore Curasi and Bethany Blakely (BIOS): Using low cost open source temperature sensors to investigate the effects of vegetation type on snow depth and redistribution at ND-LEEF. 


Brittany Hanrahan (BIOS): Validating a novel method to quantify the influence of heterotrophic microbial biofilms on stream ecosystem function at ND-LEEF. 

Arial Shogren (BIOS): Using ND-LEEF to quantify dispersal and transport of eDNA. 


Alexander Reisinger (BIOS): The roles of pH and cation concentration in apparent phosphate inhibition of stream biofilms and II: A new approach for assessing the effects of climate change on biofilm nutrient limitation. 

Antoine Aubeneau (CEEES): Quantifying the influence of substrate heterogeneity on biofilm-mediated nutrient retention and anomalous transport patterns using experimental watersheds at ND-LEEF.