At the Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI), over 60 faculty across several disciplines are pursuing research solutions for some of the key environmental challenges of our time.

ND-ECI focuses on globally significant, multidisciplinary research that can be translated into management and policy solutions to help make the world a better place for humans and the environment upon which people depend. 

We call it “Science Serving Society.”

ND-ECI faculty are spearheading innovative research focused on how environmental change intersects with:

HydrologyHydrology and Water Resources

Developing and testing models to protect ground and surface waters, as well as predicting how the changing climate will affect the global water cycle and extreme events like flooding.

EcologyEcology and a Changing Environment

Studying how populations, communities, and ecosystems function and respond to natural and anthropogenic disturbance, including how these drivers influence the ecology of disease.

Climate ChangeClimate Change and Ecological Forecasting

Investigating how ecosystems respond to a changing climate, how these responses may mitigate or enhance future climate trends, and how society can most effectively adapt to potential climate hazards.

AgricultureAgriculture and Freshwater

Working with farmers to improve both water and soil quality through innovative conservation, simultaneously sustaining agriculture and freshwater ecosystems.

Env GenomicsEnvironmental Genomics

Developing approaches and tools to detect rare and invasive species that help natural resource managers and public health officials make informed decisions to conserve biodiversity and protect human health.


With novel research facilities, such as the Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility, and cutting-edge tools created by the Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative, ND-ECI fosters an interdisciplinary community that engages faculty, postdoctoral scholars, and graduate and undergraduate students who work to provide win-win solutions that minimize the trade-offs between human welfare and environmental health.

ND-ECI is one of several investments made by Notre Dame Research in recent years to advance the scope, excellence, and visibility of the University’s research enterprise.