coastal_protectionND-GAIN: Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative

The Notre Dame Global Adaptation Initiative works to enhance the world’s understanding of adaptation through knowledge, products and services that inform public and private actions and investments in vulnerable communities. ND-GAIN produces the world's leading Index showing which countries are best prepared to deal with global changes brought about by overcrowding, resource-constraints and climate disruption. 

dsc00099_1_ND-LEEF: Notre Dame Linked Environmental Ecosystem Facility

The Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility is a globally unique research facility located at St. Patrick’s County Park.  ND-LEEF’s experimental ecosystems consist of two replicate watersheds, each containing a pond, stream and wetland. Ecosystems can be hydrologically connected or isolated, offering maximum flexibility in experimental design. 

coastal_protectionGAL: Geospatial Analysis Laboratory

The Geospatial Analysis Laboratory connects Notre Dame faculty and students to Geographic Information Systems and Remote Sensing (GIS/RS) technology and resources. The GAL lab provides geospatial computing and consulting services, and also partners with clients in multi-disciplinary research to find geospatial solutions.