Frontlines ND-ECI Graduate Fellows

Expanding knowledge of sustainability and business through interdisciplinary teamwork and regenerative livelihood development

The Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI) is pleased to partner with the Meyer Business on the Frontlines Program to launch the Frontlines ND-ECI Graduate Fellows, an opportunity for graduate students interested in interdisciplinary problem-solving to provide their STEM-focused expertise to advise student teams working on the new Regenerating Ecologies, Economies and Livelihoods (REEL) course.

Student teams, paired with Grad Fellows, will partner with international organizations working in communities addressing real-world business and livelihood scenarios that recognize ecological and social realities. Students, fellows and partners will co-create pathways to flourishing via a Collaborative Planning Approach. Proposed REEL projects include:

  • Uganda - Bethany Land Institute: Regenerative agriculture, agricultural cooperative development and technical assistance services provision
  • Colombia - PASO: Regenerative farm strategic planning for ex-combatant reintegration and community building
  • Guatemala - PASO: Sustainable eco-tourism development and cultural heritage protection

The goal of REEL teams will be to develop field skills, data collection and analysis, and other in-demand skills that can be applied across industries, public service and the academy. Peer-to-peer advising by Grad Fellow will be a key part of this experiential learning process.

As a Frontlines ND-ECI Graduate Fellow, you will help support and guide the development of one student team’s work by:

  • Participating in weekly team meetings
  • Providing feedback on recommendations and reporting to international partners
  • Accompanying your team to travel to partner communities for Spring Break 2024


Graduate Fellows must be Ph.D. students at Notre Dame from any department within the College of Science or College of Engineering with a sincere interest in interdisciplinary problem-solving and the environment.


All expenses (i.e. flight, transportation, lodging, food) associated with the Spring Break travel are covered as part of the fellowship. If necessary, research tools and materials (e.g. sample collection equipment and export/shipping fees) that could be used to provide value to partners are also covered with approval.

Application & Deadline

Please complete this brief application form describing your interest in the program by Friday, November 10, 2023. We will be scheduling interviews the week of November 13th.

For each project, we anticipate selecting one Graduate Fellow from the College of Science and one from the College of Engineering to advise as a collaborative team.