Postdoctoral Fellowships

The Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative is pleased to support the growth of the postdoctoral community under the broad umbrella of environmental change, through our Partial Postdoctoral Fellowship Program. 

The goal of the ND-ECI Partial Postdoctoral Fellowship (PPF) program is to support postdoctoral research and scholarship that helps grow collaborative bridges between science, engineering, social sciences and humanities through interdisciplinary training. ND-ECI currently houses a “Postdoc Supergroup” and with the PPF funding opportunity, we will continue to expand this engagement.

We invite applications that would take advantage of a cost-share model to maximize this group of scholars! All proposed research conducted by PPF Scholars must synergize with the research of an ND-ECI Affiliated Faculty Member who will act as the primary postdoctoral mentor.


Proposals may be submitted by:

  1. A Notre Dame faculty member who, if awarded, will recruit a postdoctoral fellow to do the described research activities. 
  2. A postdoctoral fellow (current or future) who has communicated with and has the explicit approval a Notre Dame faculty member who will serve as their advisor.

Postdoctoral Fellows (current and future) must be advised by an ND-ECI-affiliated faculty who are eligible to submit research proposals at the University of Notre Dame.


Awards of up to 40% of the competitive annual salary and benefits, plus up to $1000 for conference travel for eligible applicants for the first year, with an optional second year of funding at 25% of the annual salary and up to $1000 for conference travel.


Please submit your short proposal to Program Manager, Alex Hardy at by Friday, March 8, 2024.

Grant Period

The funding duration for the PPF program is one year, with an option to continue for a second year. 


Proposal Length: Up to five pages total

Each proposal much include the following items in the order listed:

  1. Title, applicant contact information and faculty mentor information.
  2. Description of research activity and or question to be addressed.
  3. Importance and potential impact of research activity.
  4. Approach and methods or other appropriate narrative to describe research activities.
  5. Goals and mechanisms for translational outcomes, including scholarly products, management/policy, and new proposals.
  6. Project activity timeline, including deliverables. Please include start and end dates and any interim dates of importance.
  7. Brief budget details of current funding, and information on salary cost-share.
  8. References cited.


If successfully funded, the following Terms of Award are required:

  1. PPF Scholar will work from the ND-ECI interdisciplinary space in Flanner Hall for at least 50% of the work week.
  2. Participate enthusiastically in ND-ECI seminars and events.
  3. Resulting proposal submissions routed through NDR will be affiliated with ND-ECI.  
  4. Provide a headshot and short bio for use on the ND-ECI website.