Eagle Cam Installation

Installed in 2017, ND-LEEF’s live, in-nest camera is mounted directly above the bald eagle nest. With this bird's-eye view, individuals can follow the life of the eagles from the egg to the fledging stage!

While the previous lateral camera was popular, its low angle prevented viewers from seeing eagles when in the nest and made it hard to see them when leaves were present in summer.

How the in-nest cam was installed

Based upon observation and migration patterns of bald eagles, leadership at ND-LEEF knew they had approximately one month to work while both the adult and juvenile eagles left the nest. Once the logistics were set, the team patiently waited for the eagle family to depart.

A high-reach bucket truck was used to place the installation team even with the nest, which spans 8 feet wide and 3 feet deep. From there, a professional arborist with raptor nest entry experience went the remaining few feet to get the camera positioned above the nest. In addition to mounting the actual camera, a fiber optic network cable and 120v power were extended to the base of the tree. The new high-definition camera can pan 360 degrees, as well as tilt from vertical to horizontal and zoom.

Cam Install