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Paris Outcome: Adapt or Bust

As the Paris climate negotiations closed last Saturday, you heard a great deal of hope and optimism as well as congratulations for vision and progress emanating from COP21. Indeed, important commitments have been made – but they’re pledges, not actions, and they don’t reverse the adverse climate change underway. Which is why...

Understanding the 'wicked problem' of climate change

Frank Incropera acknowledges that it’s somewhat unusual for an engineer to delve deeply into the topic of climate change. Scientists, not engineers, have played the most prominent roles in the climate change debate to date. However, Incropera believes solving the problem going forward will require a joint effort from the...

COP21: Significant Outcomes or Business as Usual?

It is human to be hopeful. Yet, in 20 years of meetings to avert the consequences of global warming and climate change, the United Nation’s Conference of Parties (COP) has failed to meet the challenge. Greenhouse gas emissions and the Earth’s average surface temperature have continued to rise, while the...

Cheer, cheer for clean water

The University of Notre Dame Fighting Irish: gold helmets crackling under a roar of the Victory March, embraced under Jesus’ outstretched arms.  Try again. 


As the historic 21st Conference of Parties gets underway in Paris, members of the Notre Dame community are finding a variety of ways to stay informed and engage in the climate negotiations.

Paris climate talks: What comes next?

The more than 190 countries that have gathered in France for worldwide climate talks did much of their work in advance. Before the summit, at least 181 nations had already announced their plans to lower their carbon emissions in order to help slow the pace of global warming.