Two bald eaglets born at ND-LEEF in St. Patrick’s County Park

Author: Katherine Nunan

Two bald eaglets born at ND-LEEF in St. Patrick’s County Park

For the first time since claiming a former red-tailed hawk nest in 2015, the bald eagles residing at the University of Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility (ND-LEEF) in St. Patrick’s County Park have fledged two eaglets.


While this is the third season the eagle pair has called ND-LEEF home, the arrival of not one, but two eaglets has made for much excitement within Notre Dame, the park system and beyond!


The eagles at ND-LEEF, as well as a pair from Potato Creek State Park, were the first successful bald eagle nests ever recorded in St. Joseph County.

“We believe the fact that both pairs of eagles chose a park to build their nest, speaks volumes to the importance of parks in preserving the natural communities of our region” said Brett Peters, ND-LEEF Assistant Director. “We hope the pair return to ND-LEEF for many years to come.”

The news of multiple eaglets came after the eagle cam, which was installed last year, captured the first images of the two siblings in-nest. The facility hopes to install an in-nest camera this fall, which will offer better views of future growing eaglets.

Given eagles are some of the fastest growing birds, it’s anticipated that the eaglets will be almost fully-grown and ready to fledge in mid-to-late June.

Guests to St. Patrick’s Country Park who would like to view the nest in can safely observe from the Morrison Education and Outreach Pavilion, located on ND-LEEF’s north side. Visitors should use the park’s Red Barn parking lot and walk to the Morrison Pavilion, minimizing nest disturbance. View Map.