Gillian Duffy Claims 2nd Prize at AECOM Student Environmental Awards



PhD student Gillian Duffy claimed 2nd prize at the AECOM Student Environmental Awards on the 8th of April in Sligo IT.

The competition challenges students to present to their peers on a topic of their choice in the field of water and/or environmental management. The competition is open to undergraduate or postgraduate students aged 25 or lower. There are three monetary prizes with a prize of €400 and an award certificate for the overall winner.

The competition is hosted by The Chartered Institution of Water and Environmental Management and sponsored by AECOM.

Gillian Duffy is working on her PhD at MESTECH on the optimisation of phosphate and nitrate sensors for the monitoring of nutrients in freshwaters. The project is in collaboration with Prof Jennifer Tank at the University of Notre Dame.

The research is important for quantifying the influence of agriculture on freshwater and also for effective water management throughout Irish, European and American river basins.