2016 Internal Grant Program Awardees Announced

Author: Brandi Klingerman

Notre Dame Research has provided more than 35 researchers with awards from the Internal Grants Program for 2016. The grant awardees spanned the University in four program categories: Faculty Research Support (Initiation), Faculty Research Support (Regular), Equipment Restoration and Renewal, and Library Acquisitions.

In discussing the grants, Vice President for Research Robert J. Bernhard said, “The University is pleased to be able to support these outstanding programs of research and scholarship. The awards for this year represent just a sampling of the excellent proposals received for these four competitions. We look forward to the results and the contributions of these projects to the scholarly record of Notre Dame.”

The 2016 Faculty Research Support Initiative Grant Program awardee are:


  • Timothy Beers, chair of astrophysics and professor of physics, and Vinicius Placco, research assistant professor of astrophysics, Identification of Carbon-Enhanced Metal-Poor Stars from S-PLUS Photometry using Artificial Neural Networks

  • Gary Bernstein, Frank M. Freimann Chair Professor of Electrical Engineering, and Marya Lieberman, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, Rapid Thermal Processing of DNA Nanostructures on Silicon for Formation of Self-Aligning p-n Junctions

  • Manoel Couder, assistant professor of experimental nuclear physics, and Matt Smylie, postdoctoral research assistant of physics, Cross-disciplinary Investigation of Increased Superconducting Current via Particle Irradiation

  • Donald Crafton, the Joseph and Elizabeth Robbie Professor of Film, Television, and Theatre, Digital Reanimation of a Legendary Film Performance: Phase I

  • Sarah Daly, assistant professor of political science, Civilian Support for Political Actors with Coercive Legacies

  • Hana Kang, associate professor of the practice of east Asian languages and cultures, Language Learners’ Cognitive Processing and Production in Chinese and Korean Writings: The Analysis of Eye-Movement and Handwriting Tracking Data

  • John Liberatore, assistant professor of music theory and composition, Extended Techniques, Interactive Electronics, and Musical Composition for Benjamin Franklin’s Glass Harmonica

  • Jun Li, assistant professor of applied and computational mathematics and statistics, Developing Statistical Methods for Cancer Research based on RNA-Seq and Single-Cell RNA-Seq Data

  • Cheng Liu, research assistant professor of psychology, Hierarchical Deep Learning Modeling for Cognitive Diagnostic Assessment

  • Karel Matous, associate professor of computational mechanics in aerospace and mechanical engineering; Alexander Mukasyan, research professor of chemical and biomolecular engineering; and Alberto Salvadori, research assistant professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, BatterieX: Experiments, Modeling, Simulations towards the Design of Batteries under Extreme Conditions

  • Miguel Morales, assistant professor of molecular parasitology in the biological sciences, Drug Resistance in Leishmania Clinical Isolates from India

  • Amy Mulligan, assistant professor of Irish language and literature, A Landscape of Words: Ireland, Britain and Spatial Poetics of the North Atlantic Archipelago from 700-1300

  • Susanne Wengle, assistant professor of political science, Setting The Table, Market Regulations and Food Systems in Russia and the US: The Case of California

Awardees for the 2016 Faculty Support Regular Grant Program are:


  • Peter Casarella, associate professor of systematic theology, and Timothy Matovina, professor of theology and co-director of the Institute for Latino Studies, Theology of the People: Global Perspectives on the Thought of Pope Francis

  • Patrick J. Flynn, Duda Family Professor of Engineering, and Geoffrey Puls, assistant strength & conditioning coach for Notre Dame Athletics, Markerless Video Analytics for Athletic Performance Characterization

  • Rev. William Lies, C.S.C., Vice President for Mission Engagement and Church Affairs, and John Van Engen, Andrew V. Tackles Professor of Medieval History, The Promise of the Vatican Library

  • Sebastian Rosato, associate professor of political science, The Road to Hell? Intentions in International Politics

  • Christopher Shields, George N. Shuster Professor of Philosophy, The Aristotelian Tradition

Equipment Restoration and Renewal awardees for 2016 are:


  • Daniel Bardayan, associate professor of experimental nuclear physics, Restoration and Installation of a World-Class Spectrometer for Nuclear Physics Experiments at the Notre Dame Nuclear Science Laboratory

  • Austin Collins, C.S.C., professor of sculpture in art, art history and design, Sculpture Department Equipment Restoration and Renewal

  • Ken Kuno, associate professor of chemistry and biochemistry, Notre Dame In-situ Electron Microscopy Laboratory (ND-IEML) – Beyond Static (materials-, device, and biological-) Imaging

  • Michael Pfrender, associate professor of evolutionary and ecological genomics in biological sciences and director of the genomics and bioinformatics core facility, Renewal of the Notre Dame Next-Generation Sequencing Platform

  • Ryan K. Roeder, associate professor of aerospace and mechanical engineering, Acquisition of a Preclinical Spectral Micro-CT System

  • Andrew Sommese, Vincent J. Duncan and Annamarie Micus Duncan Professor of Mathematics, Renewing our In-Silico Labs: Enabling Computationally Based Simulation and Analysis

The 2016 Library Acquisitions grantees are:


  • Jean Dibble, professor of printmaking in art, art history and design, Building a Research Collection of Artists’ Books

  • Patrick Griffin, Department Chair and Madden-Hennebry Professor of History, Colonial America: The Complete Set of Colonial Office Files for North America, 1606 – 1822 Database

  • Michel Hockx, professor of Chinese and director of the Liu Institute for Asia and Asian Studies, Pre-1949 Chinese Periodical Full-text Databases

  • Paul R. Ocobock, assistant professor of history, Preserving and Digitizing the Congregation of the Holy Cross Fort Portal Diocesan Archives, Uganda

Notre Dame Research’s Internal Grants Program seeks to support faculty researchers and programs with the goal of advancing the University’s research enterprise. The four grant competitions are announced each year in the fall, with grant deadlines occurring as early as October. For more information about past recipients, how to apply, and more, please visit


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