Xiantao Fan

Dr. Xiantao Fan’s research aims at fluid-solid interactions and their applications. He joined ND-ECI as a postdoctoral research associate in June 2022 under the supervision of Prof. Jianxun Wang and Prof. Sisi Meng. His research at ND is funded by ND-ECI, ND-Energy and CCI Postdoctoral Fellowships. He will design original renewable energy harvester based on fluid solid interaction and evaluate the impacts of the harvester on environment and society through a fully differential framework. He expects to prosper the low-carbon policy and technology locally, nationally, and internationally through this multidisciplinary project.

He received his Ph.D. in energy and power engineering at Tianjin University, China in January 2022 under the mentorship of Prof. Wei Tan. His doctoral research was funded by NSFC that focused on fluid-solid interactions. During his Ph.D., he conducted wind tunnel experiments, numerical simulations to investigate the flow-induced vibration phenomenon of chemical engineering machinery and renewable energy device. He established the accurate mathematical model to understand and predict the responses of these structures under flow.