Siwei Gu

Dr. Siwei Gu obtained his Ph.D. from University of Ottawa, Canada in Chemical and Biological Engineering, guided by Prof. Christopher Lan. His expertise lies at the forefront of environmental issues, with a particular emphasis on two key areas: the application of membrane separation and co-precipitation techniques for the removal of heavy metal ions, and the innovative use of microalgae as an adsorbent for heavy metal ion adsorption and removal.

Dr. Gu joined the ND-ECI in January 2024, and is working with with Prof. Kyle Doudrick. His current research focuses on assessing the efficacy of WAX, MAX, and activated carbon for removing both short and ultra-short Per- and Polyfluoroalkyl Substances (PFAS). Furthermore, Dr. Gu fabricates adsorptive membranes aimed specifically at PFAS removal. By addressing a vital environmental challenge, his efforts are not only enhancing the broader discipline of environmental engineering and science but also hold the potential to influence future policy-making, reshape industry practices, and direct community responses to environmental contaminants, ultimately benefiting society on a larger scale.