Diogo Bolster

Professor Diogo Bolster serves as a Associate Director of the Environmental Change Initiative, and directs ND-ECI’s Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility (ND-LEEF). In this role, Bolster leads academic scholarship around ND-LEEF by growing faculty engagement with the facility, identifying funding opportunities to enhance the University’s environmental research capacity, supporting scholarly output and products.

Bolster is an Associate Professor and Frank M. Freimann Collegiate Chair in Hydrology in the Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences at the University of Notre Dame. His research focuses on the impacts humans have on the earth and its resources, specifically targeting environmental fluid flows and contaminant transport across a wide range of scales from groundwater flows in porous media to more confined flows in enclosed spaces such as buildings.

Bolster has developed mathematical and numerical models with the goal of providing useful tools to practitioners and policy makers for effective decision-making. To date, he has published more than 90 articles in peer-reviewed scientific journals and currently serves as an Associate Editor for the journal Hydrologic Processes.

Bolster directs an active research program at Notre Dame. In 2014, Bolster was awarded a National Science Foundation Early Career Development Award. He is also a member of the American Geophysical Union, International Society for Porous Media, and American Physical Society. Bolster previously served as a board director for the Consortium of Universities for the Advancement of Hydrologic Science.