Bald Eagles at ND-LEEF

EAGLET SIGHTING!  On Sunday April 24th we had our first confirmed eaglet sightnig at ND-LEEF.  Thank you  Diane Vorenkamp for this great photo.  Keep an eye out for a sibling and share any news with us @NDLEEF #eaglecam!


Eaglet 4 24 16

ND-LEEF at St. Patrick's County Park - South Bend, Indiana


Hint: use the scrollbar to review the past 4 hours of nest activity. Recently, most activity has been between sunrise and noon. 



In the spring of 2015, two bald eagles took over an existing red-tailed hawk nest at the Notre Dame Linked Experimental Ecosystem Facility (ND-LEEF) at St. Patrick's County Park and fledged one eaglet. Over the past few months, we have observed the birds again building up a nest for the upcoming season. 

In our region bald eagles typically lay 2 eggs in late February or early March. The eggs take almost precisely 35 days to hatch. Because of the angle of our camera, the hatchlings will not be visible in the deep nest until they are roughly 5-6 weeks old in mid-May.

Given the overwhelming interest sparked by the eagles’ historic arrival, a camera was installed at ND-LEEF this winter. Now bird enthusiasts can enjoy the live view of the nest 24/7! 

Eagles are protected by the Bald and Golden Eagle Protection Act with guidelines on minimizing nest disturbance.  Therefore, we ask people interested in viewing the nest to do so from the Morrison Education and Outreach Pavilion located on the north side of ND-LEEF.  Please park your vehicles in the St. Patrick's County Park Red Barn parking lot and walk or ski to Morrison Pavilion, entering from the path from the north of the pavilion.  CLICK FOR MAP 

See any exciting action at the nest @NDLEEF
Share it with us using #eaglecam


We hope to offer a program in the upcoming months for the public to view the eagles with Notre Dame staff and St. Joseph County Parks Interpreters. 

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Stay Tuned to this webpage for more information about the Bald Eagles at ND-LEEF.



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