Seed Funding

ND-ECI currently aims to fund research that falls under the umbrella of environmental change, with the intent of building collaborative bridges between science and engineering, as well as social sciences and humanities. There is increased recognition that some of the world’s most critical environmental issues reside at the intersection of the physical, biological and social sciences. Through seed funding, ND-ECI hopes to synergize scholarship that bridges disciplines on campus, tackling questions that reside where physical processes generate environmental problems that are tempered or exacerbated by human interventions.


Proposals that include translational outcomes and/or the inclusion of innovative training experiences for students/postdocs are encouraged. Given the limits of seed funding, funding models that include creative matching are welcomed.


Proposals must be led by a University of Notre Dame faculty member.


The following are allowable budget requests:

  • Personnel: Student or Technician
  • Supplies/Equipment
  • Travel 


Seed funding is closed for 2018-2019. 


The funding duration is one year. It's preferred that projects start in the spring of the same year the proposal is submitted and no later than September 1. Ultimately, strong proposals show potential to deliver high impact results quickly.  


Total page limit is five pages. Please describe the proposed research using the provided headings in the order below:

  1. Title, lead investigator and other investigators (with departmental affiliations in parentheses)
  2. Description of research activity and/or question to be addressed, including emphasis on new collaborative bridges.
  3. Approach and methods or other appropriate narrative as needed to describe activities.
  4. Importance and potential impact of research activity.
  5. Goals and mechanisms for translation to scholarly products, management/policy, or new proposals.
  6. Project activity timeline and deliverables. Please include start and end dates and any interim dates of importance (i.e. target date for a workshop or trip).
  7. Budget Narrative and Justification. Please provide information on the funds you are requesting (specific line items, time commitments, rates of pay as applicable). Add any brief narrative that is essential to justify the budget, and indicate how you are leveraging existing resources.
  8. Prior Support. If you have received prior support from ND-ECI, please indicate what support was received. Provide a list of submitted proposals, products, and publications that resulted from the initial seed funding. Discuss any other relevant indicators of the successes from that prior funding including the successes of postdocs and RAPs who may have been funded as part of your award. This section may be up to one page.
  9. Literature Cited.

Acceptance Conditions

If successfully funded, the following Terms of Award are required:

  1. Lay Abstract suitable for use on the ND-ECI website.
  2. Annual progress report at the completion of the project.
  3. All resulting proposal submissions or publications should be affiliated with ND-ECI.

For more information on seed funding, please contact Kara Primmer.