ND-ECI Seminar: Kelli Larson


Location: Zoom

Title:  Lawns, Gardens, and Yards: Understanding Residents’ Land Management Choices and the Implications for Urban Sustainability

Kelli Larson, Professor of Sustainability, Arizona State University

Kelli Larson is currently a Professor in both the School of Geographical Sciences and Urban Planning as well as the School of Sustainability. Larson is also an active investigator in long-term National Science Foundation projects including the Central Arizona-Phoenix Long-Term Ecological Research (CAP LTER) project and the Decision Center for a Desert City (DCDC). For both projects and other research initiatives, Larson leads on integrated understanding of human–environment relations for water governance and urban sustainability

Larson’s research focuses on three interrelated tracks: (1) risk perceptions and attitudes, with focus on the implications for water governance; (2) water management and decision making, with consideration of multi-objective planning for sustainability; and (3) urban ecology and land management, with attention to various social and ecological outcomes and interactions. Her approach involves synthesizing disparate literatures and using mixed methods to produce interdisciplinary knowledge that reveals the social salience, desirability, and feasibility as well as overall sustainability of water resource and urban systems

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