David Lodge

Head shot of David Lodge

Professor David Lodge serves as Director of the Notre Dame Environmental Change Initiative (ND-ECI). One of the world’s leading experts on aquatic invasive species, Professor Lodge is the founder, architect and visionary behind the multidisciplinary and public policy thrust that drives much of the work at ND-ECI.

Having spent more than 25 years at Notre Dame, Professor Lodge has extensive research experience on a wide variety of invasive species, including rusty crayfish, zebra mussels, quagga mussels, and Asian carp. His research focuses on ecological forecasting to better inform environmental risk assessment, policy development, and natural resource management.

On numerous occasions David has testified before the U.S. Congress about invasive species, and has also served as an expert witness in federal court. He served as the first chair of the U.S. government’s national Invasive Species Advisory Committee in 2000-01, led research on freshwater biodiversity as part of the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment sponsored by the United Nations in 2000-05, and led an expert team providing advice to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency on reducing invasions from the ballast water of ships in 2010-11.

Professor Lodge is particularly interested in using the Environmental Change Initiative’s scientific research to help resolve key unanswered questions of environmental policy in North America and beyond. He has a long history of reaching out across academic disciplines to conduct his research, and has extensive experience partnering with outside organizations such as The Nature Conservancy to help translate and transfer his scientific work to the public policy arena.

Contact David at: dlodge (at) nd (dot) edu

Peter Annin

Peter Annin

As managing director of the Environmental Change Initiative, Peter Annin serves as the chief operating officer of the organization, helping Professor Lodge coordinate the research of more than 40 faculty members on a wide array of scientific research topics.

Peter spent 25 years in journalism before coming to Notre Dame in the fall of 2010, including 11 years at Newsweek magazine, where he wrote about everything from domestic terrorism to the ecology of the Great Lakes. He also spent more than a decade as associate director of the Institutes for Journalism & Natural Resources, a national nonprofit that organizes educational fellowships for environmental journalists. In 2006 he published his first book, The Great Lakes Water Wars, which has been called the definitive work on the Great Lakes water diversion controversy.

Contact Peter at: pannin (at) nd (dot) edu

Joanna McNulty


Joanna McNulty serves as Business Manager of the Environmental Change Initiative. She plays a crucial role at the organization in helping coordinate ECI’s activities on a wide variety of portfolios including grant writing, grant management, budgeting, and personnel. When she’s not busy running the day-to-day operations of the Initiative, she also develops and coordinates many of the ECI’s outreach activities and workshops, as well as participating in research.

A 1990 graduate of Notre Dame, Joanna holds a BS in biology and was a secondary science teacher for several years before returning to the University in 2002.

Contact Joanna at: jmcnulty (at) nd (dot) edu


Heather Asiala

Heather Asiala

As program associate, Heather Asiala provides marketing and communications support for the Environmental Change Initiative. In addition to activity development and management, Heather is also responsible for the development, implementation and creative direction of all marketing and communications strategies designed to reach both internal and external audiences.  She also provides administrative assistance to ECI management staff and affiliated researchers.  

A graduate of Grand Valley State University, Heather holds a BS in advertising and public relations and has prior experience in media relations, communications strategies and social media.  She is currently pursuing a masters degree in nonprofit administration at the University of Notre Dame.

Contact  Heather at: h.asiala (at) nd (dot) edu


Affiliated Faculty

A number of faculty from a wide variety of fields of study work with the Environmental Change Initiative. See the complete list of affiliated faculty.