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Scientist: 'Don't Give Up' On Stopping Asian Carp

November 20, 2009 • Categories: Asian Carp and eDNA

Fish that have the potential to devastate the Great Lakes ecosystem may be just a few miles from Lake Michigan.

Two carp species from Asia — the silver and the bighead — are invasive fish with huge appetites. If they enter the Great Lakes, they could overwhelm the native fish.

To halt their migration, the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers built an underwater electric fence on a canal 20 miles south of Lake Michigan. Despite the barrier, tests now indicate that Asian carp have gotten close to the lake.…

A Hunt for Seeds to Save Species, Perhaps by Helping Them Move

November 09, 2009 • Author: Anne Raver • Categories: Climate Change Adaptation

Pitcher’s thistle, whose fuzzy leaves and creamy pink puffs once thrived in the sand dunes along several of the Great Lakes, was driven by development, drought and weevils into virtual extinction from the shores of Lake Michigan decades ago.

But in the 1990s, seeds collected from different parts of the thistle’s range were grown at the Chicago Botanic Garden and planted with the help of the Morton Arboretum along the lake, in Illinois State Beach Park, north of Chicago near the Wisconsin state line. The plants from Indiana’s dunes to the south are doing well; the plants that had come from the north are failing.